Reasons to shop from us

Remember the Old-Fashioned Hardware Stores... the ones with that unique array of items. Not a warehouse with loaders driving up and down aisles while your trying to shop...


Anchor Hardware bringing a little bit of uniqueness to your Internet Shopping! Nestled in the sleepy little town of Oak Hill, Florida, Anchor Hardware has been serving the needs of this community for more than 15 years.

Oak Hill, a old fishing community, filled with families, retirees and fishermen! make a long story short, on the following pages you will find and array of items suitable for the fisherman. Tide Clocks, fishing gear, shrimp lights, replacement nets and anything else I can find that is unique!

This is just a sampling... there is no way I could ever put onto the Internet what there is in this store...(As you can see most items are listed for Store Pick Up Only... The items we Ship are for YOUR convenience and we don't sit around all day waiting for a Website Purchase!) So please stop on by or give us a call. WHILE WE APPRECIATE YOUR INTERNET ORDER WE WOULD MUCH RATHER MEET YOU IN PERSON!

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Did I forget to tell you???? We are now the #1 stop for all of your Live Bait!!!! Live Shrimp... Live Mullet... Live Fiddlers... Live Pin Fish... Live Pig Fish (all live baits are subject to availability) Have a special order??? Just call ahead!

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